How to track your conversion rate with GA4

Introduction: Why track Carrd conversion rates with GA4?

Carrd is an excellent tool for spinning up quick, professional looking landing pages, particularly to get email opt-ins.

Before we start.

I’m going to assume that you already have:

  1. A Carrd Pro Plus account (so you can use forms, and the Advanced Settings to send events to Google)
  2. A Carrd site set up, with a form connected to your email marketing tool of choice.

Step 1: Get your measurement ID from Google.

In GA4 set up the property and copy the measurement ID (G-XXXXXX)

Step 2: Add the Measurement ID to Carrd.

In the Carrd dashboard, click the settings icon for the page you want to track.

Step 3: Prepare GA4 to receive the event and recognise it as a conversion

We can give our events any names we want, but it always helps to use the recommended event types that Google has given us already. After all, they probably thought about this more than we have.

Step 4: Trigger our event from Carrd when the form is completed

This is where the magic happens.

  • Choose the settings icon
  • Choose the events tab
  • Add our code to the “On Success” field
gtag('event', 'generate_lead');

Step 5: Check that our data is coming through OK

One thing to get used to in GA4 is that the data seems to come through a lot slower, but we can still test our code with the real-time reports.

Summary & Next Steps

By now we’ve added GA4 tracking to our page, and we’re firing an event to it using the script:
gtag(‘event’, ‘generate_lead’);



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